V-KOOL Referral Program

What is the Referral Reward Program?

As a homeowner who purchased V-KOOL, you know V-KOOL is saving energy, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the cost of air conditioning while making your home more comfortable year-round.  That’s the good news.  And here’s the even better news.  V-KOOL will pay you to help us “Green the Planet”.  That’s right, we know the fastest, most effective way to save energy, slow-down global warming and reduce dependence on foreign oil is to make doing so profitable for you.

Here’s how it works: For every referral you send us that results in V-KOOL film being installed in another home, townhouse, etc. we will send you the green that counts- US greenbacks!  That’s right. For every referral you send us that results in a V-KOOL installation, we will send you a check for 5% of the installed price!  Not just once, but every time your referrals result in the sale of V-KOOL!

Please help V-Kool, Inc. “Green the Planet” one referral at a time!

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