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Lower Your Home’s Electricity Bill Without Losing Sunlight

Thousands Of Homeowners Trust V-KOOL To Save On Money and Comfort

Beautiful windows are an important part of your home’s appeal.

But the summer sun raging through them can cause heat to build, driving up air conditioning costs.

The villain is the sun’s infra-red heat.

In combination with potent ultraviolet radiation, it is also responsible for fading expensive furnishings.

Until recently, there was very little you could do to protect yourself.

Curtains and drapes can absorb these rays causing loss of sunlight and fading.

Covering windows with dark tints or reflective glass forces you to compromise the integrity of your home’s architectural design.

Finally, you can enjoy natural sunlight in your home without all of that heat.

V-KOOL blocks out the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays and strong infra-red heat. But just because V-KOOL blocks out the bad stuff does not mean it blocks out the good stuff, too.

Unlike tints and screens, V-KOOL (VK70 and VK75) lets more than 70% of sunlight into your home

Independent tests show that when V-KOOL is applied to the windows of your home, it forms a unique, virtually transparent protective barrier.

V-KOOL’s clear window film:

• Blocks 94% of infrared heat that drives up electricity costs (VK40, VK55, and VK70)
• Eliminates 99% of the UV rays that can ruin expensive rugs, upholstery and other furnishings
• Has an SPF of 200+ to protect your eyes and skin from damage
• Allows over 70% of visible light through to preserve the visual integrity of your home (VK70 and VK75)
• Allows you to fully enjoy your view at night, as is not the case with reflectives and tints
• Allows maximum daylight to make rooms bright and airy
• Windows become shatter resistant
• Reduces glare while preventing hot spots
• Helps protect from windstorms
• Deters “smash & grab” theft
• Adds a classy look to windows… because it is virtually clear!

When it comes to blocking out the sun’s heat, as you can see, V-KOOL is very unique because of its clarity and low reflection.

Not only does V-KOOL make nighttime visibility the best it can be, it will also make your home safer with our SPF 200+ and shatter resistant technology.

Independent testing at the Australian Radiation Protection and Australian Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) have shown that V-KOOL coatings provide occupants with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of over 200.

Considering that your average sunblock has only an SPF of 30, you can now enjoy your view knowing you have state-of-the-art technology protecting your family and your interiors.

To ensure a quality fit, V-KOOL is applied by highly trained professional installers, and all work is fully guaranteed. Every installation comes with a limited lifetime warranty that guarantees V-KOOL will perform to stated specifications without fading, discoloration, cracking, peeling, bubbling, adhesive failure, delaminating or demetallizing.

Enjoy the ultimate protection from scorching infra-red heat and destructive UV rays without losing the sunlight or spoiling your home’s architectural integrity.

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