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Your Questions Answered

How much will V-KOOL reduce my utility bills?

Depending on the amount of glass and the orientation of your windows will determine the amount of energy savings. In most cases there is a 7 to 8 year payback period on your utility bills and it normally reduces 5-15% of energy costs annually. Not to mention the comfort level you should feel immediately. History shows utility rates increase just about every other year, so your lifetime warranty is a sure money saver. And with our “As Long As You Live In Your Home” Warranty you save money every year.

When was V-KOOL introduced?

V-KOOL was first introduced in the US in 1991. Based on research originally related to US aerospace and military use, V-KOOL is the world’s first wavelength selective window coating that provides a virtually transparent protective barrier against the sun’s heat and radiation. Wavelength selective coatings enable the Stealth Bomber to evade detection by reducing the aircraft’s radar footprint.

How is V-KOOL different from other films or “tint”?

V-KOOL utilizes a proprietary and patented di-electric sputtering process that embeds super clear substrate with up to 10 atomic layers of Indium Oxide and Silver that is further fortified with Gold. This complex process gives V-KOOL its amazing heat reflection qualities without looking reflective or dark. V-KOOL’s spectrally selective technology is based on the heat reflection technique.

Other Window Films in the Market

Common Metals

Other window films are mostly made out of common metals like aluminum, nickel and bronze. These metals have some heat performance but come with compromised reflective look and do not allow as much daylight to pass through, making night time driving more difficult and dangerous. Common metals also have the disadvantage of demetallization and the metals are deposited on the film more unevenly. Common metals and its manufacturing technology are also significantly cheaper in material cost. A discerning consumer will be wary of unethical retailers hawking these films for more than their worth.


Films can be made of non-metals like oxides and nitrates. The benefits of these films are that they do not have mirror-like surfaces. But their performance in heat rejection is usually compromised. They work like “sponges”, soaking up heat instead of reflecting heat, so by nature; they are classified as heat absorbing. Very cheap non-metals such as dyed films will even have color fading under exposure of sun. Better performing non-metals like nitrates have some heat rejection properties but they are typically darker, more absorptive and the surface of the film may be prone to thermal cracks and lines. As the material cost is low, you may want to weigh performance and benefit to overall cost.

Why not buy something cheaper?

If you weigh every aspect of your needs for energy savings and are really interested in not changing the architectural integrity of your home or building, then the lesser expensive products may not be for you. In order to block heat, most films other than V-KOOL are dark and shiny.

Is V-KOOL associated with NFRC?

Yes V-KOOL has been tested and the data is on NFRC.org

Has V-KOOL been installed on any high profile jobs?

There have been many high profile jobs including government buildings, large national retailers, and other prestigious buildings. See them here: Case Studies

Will V-KOOL void my glass warranty?

V-KOOL should not void your glass warranty, however most glass companies void their warranty if you put any type of product on the glass, which is unfortunate. Because of this V-KOOL will warranty our products and the glass. Please check our warranty for any questions or concerns. Statistics show V-KOOL’s incidence of glass breakage is considerably less than the glass industry’s own incidence of breakage.

Does V-KOOL conform to government regulations?

Yes, and most exceed the government regulations, please see our MSDS form.

Will V-KOOL make my glass stronger?

V-KOOL does not necessarily make the glass stronger, but it will keep the glass intact if it is struck by a foreign object. We offer a safety film that takes a tremendous amount of abuse for safety and security applications.

Will V-KOOL protect me?

V-KOOL and other window films do make your glass shatter resistant. V-KOOL does have safety and security film for various applications. It will keep shards of glass from flying.

How good is V-KOOL's Light Transmittance?

No other film can transmit as much light and reject the same amount of heat as V-KOOL. VK 70 has the highest luminous efficacy in the industry.

Does V-KOOL let me see outside of my windows at night?

Absolutely, V-KOOL is no more reflective than plain clear glass, so it does not distort or hinder your view day or night

Is V-KOOL reflective?

V-KOOL is no more reflective than clear glass, and some of our films (as tested) have lower reflectivity than glass, so you keep your visual clarity day and night. VK-70 is 2% less reflective than glass that no other heat rejecting film can boast.

How is the clarity of V-KOOL?

Clarity is what V-KOOL is all about! V-KOOL offers outstanding clarity with its premium films. In most cases in can actually improve the visual aspects of the window. No other film can transmit as much light and reject the same amount of heat as V-KOOL.

Does V-KOOL block ultraviolet rays?

V-KOOL blocks 99% of the ultraviolet rays.

Will V-KOOL help stop my glare problem?

We do have glare reducing films but we do not eliminate the glare in its entirety. To do this you would need to block the majority of the natural light.

Will V-KOOL stop my fading problems?

 There are other factors that cause fading; such as heat, light, and the quality of the materials you are trying to protect. V-KOOL does reject 99% of the ultraviolet rays which is the main component of fading, no window film or any other glass product stops fading completely but V-KOOL will substantially extend the life of your furnishings.

Does V-KOOL have a full line of products?

V-KOOL has a full line of products that solve almost all energy related problems. Let us explain the difference in each of our products, which will in turn explain cost and technology. Click here to go to our product page.

Is V-KOOL ceramic?

No, ceramic products are based on the technology of absorbing heat. Due to the high absorption rates, ceramic films cannot offer comparable solar heat gain coefficient measurements with equal light transmission as V-KOOL. V-KOOL is a metalized product that contains microscopic gold and silver particles that rejects the heat without a shiny appearance versus absorbing heat.

Why would I buy VK-70 over ceramic?

You will have more visible light transmission and better solar heat rejection while creating less stress on the glass from absorption.

What are the benefits of V-KOOL over installing new windows or low E glass?

V-KOOL is usually much less expensive than replacement windows and can give you the same or better energy savings and does not change the aesthetics of the glass like a lot of low E and E2 glass. The same technology in new windows has been used by V-KOOL for over 25 years!

What will the effect be on my single pane windows with V-KOOL?

Based on NFRC testing, V-KOOL will drastically improve the performance of single pane, clear glass. V-KOOL will not change the aesthetics of your windows but V-KOOL will decrease the amount of heat let in by 55% while making your glass shatter resistant.

Is V-KOOL able to be applied to double pane glass?

Yes, since most V-KOOL films have the lowest absorption rates, we can satisfy most applications. Please check with us for your specific application, which also includes laminated glass.

Can V-KOOL be applied to odd shaped glass?

Yes, V-KOOL can be custom fit to most any size of glass, realizing that the installation time may be the same on a small piece of glass as it is on a large piece of glass.

Why should I use V-KOOL if I already have other window treatments?

Whether we can help with the fading of your valuable furnishings or the heat already coming through your windows, V-KOOL is a wise addition.

Will V-KOOL extend the life of my A/C?

Because V-KOOL is reducing heat gain, your HVAC system should be used less. Less running hours should result in less maintenance expense and prolong the life of your system.

Will V-KOOL eliminate the need for air conditioning?

No. V-KOOL reduces the amount of heat let in through your windows, thus reducing the amount of run time for your air conditioning unit. This will cut down on utility bills and enable your air conditioning unit to have a longer lasting life.

Can I install V-KOOL myself?

We only use trained professionals to install our film so that you do receive a lifetime warranty as a homeowner.

What is the installation procedure?

V-KOOL is applied on the inside of the glass and our certified installers use the proper tools and equipment to guarantee your application for as long as you own your home. Water is used to activate the adhesive, so it may take up to 30 days to completely dry.

Will V-KOOL bubble or change colors?

V-KOOL is warranted to never bubble or change colors. V-KOOL is made of silver and gold and does not use dyes, which have a tendency to change colors because they are not stable. Bubbling is usually a result improper installation, so no window film should result in bubbling.

How do I clean my glass with V-KOOL on it?

Do not wash windows until (30) days after installation of V-KOOL. When cleaning use a soft towel or cloth or a clean synthetic sponge. Use common cleaning solutions such as warm water and detergent. Do not use solutions that contain abrasive materials. Common cleaning solutions such as Windex and other window cleaners may be used safely for cleaning purposes.

Will V-KOOL cause my windows to break or cause seal failure?

The incidence of glass breakage with V-KOOL is less than 1/10 of 1% of all film sold. This includes those incidences where we might install V-KOOL on windows that may already have a weak spot (crack, chip) in the glass. The right film application should not break your windows or cause seal failure, we do warranty against these problems, please ask your V-KOOL dealer to go over our superb warranty.

Can V-KOOL be scratched?

 V-KOOL has a scratch resistant coating and has passed the ASTM D-1044 Scratch Resistant Test.

How long will V-KOOL last?

V-KOOL has been installed since the mid 1990’s and has a limited lifetime residential warranty.

If you are the original owner and have a problem with your application, even if it is over 20 years old, we will replace your V-KOOL FREE OF CHARGE!

V-KOOL sounds too good to be true!

We have many repeat customers and references that will attest to its quality. V-KOOL is independently tested and you will immediately feel the difference in our heat demonstration.